a photo of women

I am a Woman by Guadalupe Batres

I am a woman
I am strong and capable

I hear

you cannot achieve anything without a man
I see

a male dominated world
I want

women’s rights and equality
I am a woman

I pretend

I am not fearful to walk alone at night
I feel

afraid when I walk into a parking lot alone at night
I touch

the pepper spray when I feel scared
I worry

that nobody will believe when I say I am being stalked
I cry

when they try to tell me what I can do with my body
I am a woman

I understand

I am strong and capable
I say

I don’t care what your opinion about me is
I dream

that I will be somebody
I try

to be the best I can be
I hope

that women will never have to worry about walking alone or fear that their rights are being taken away

I am a woman, brave, capable, and a somebody.