Poetry Written Works

Music Vibes by Sara Potter

I have decided to ride on top of the rhythm of the music that seems to be creating the soundtrack of my life.
As the beats assimilate and the treble vibrates, so does the beating of my heart and the reverberating of the vibration of my pulse beating through my chest.
The leaps are the pauses before that bass drops or the chorus hits.
The pain is the fleeting moments between the singers’ breaths or slight pauses before the drum beats or that finger presses upon the keyboard.
Then, that sound, like the needle hitting a record, the fluidity of that rhythm picks back up again.
That bass drops and that chorus puts me on its back carrying me upon the notes, dancing along the lines of music sheets as though the composer knows where we are headed.
I let go and float on top of the sound dancing along the horizon, 
the soundtrack of my life.