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My First Semester by Juan Johnson

As I step out of my car and look at the college campus, I see a majestic mountain looking down upon me. I think to myself, “Do I have all my equipment to make it to the daunting top?” The semester has started, so I cannot stop. I prepare myself to start the climb. Got to turn in my homework so I do not fall behind. I sit outside and watch the grass dance with the elevated trees, like students to an invigorating professor, “Oh teach me please.” As I climb the unyielding mountain with all my might, I will keep studying hard with my goal in sight. I look to my left and then to my right, I see my classmates on the same mountain traveling up different paths. I see ASL, English, Science, Geology and even Math. Some climbers are afraid of heights, and some students are bruised. We all have challenges depending on the degree we choose. Some students went back down to select another route. You must start somewhere, with no fear and no doubt.  The students are organized, focused, and have all their books. It’s called rhetorical significance, not just a hook. Getting to the top of this mountain with a triumphant look. One semester down, another mountain to ascend. Climbers get ready, because as far as knowledge there is no end.