Poetry Written Works

My ocean by Olivia Stevens

That it was midsummer and i saw you & (it should’ve been nothing but) 
           it was a rainy evening in june & the ocean is falling from the sky 
That i’m pulled 
           apart by the tide, left untied 
in the sand, a miserable effort to write a synonym for breathless 
(you give me a headache every                time) 
my restlessness is born in the sea, my sanity undone 
by your saltwater freckles 
That you(r hands) are 
full of ice water & you’re standing in a tide pool & 
i        still        can’t        breathe                        
(it’s the remnants of my synonym) and i’m holding all my love with 
open arms but you forget the way it rained on us in june 
the midsummer dinnertime rain 
That the august dinnertime rain let us go 
so i'll untie it all on the drive home, leave you behind as the moon hangs low 
                                              (dips into the ocean) 
                                              (undoes my mind) 
                                              (dries my saltwater eyelashes)