PTSD Comes in Different Shapes and Sizes by Skylaa Richardson

You say, “You haven’t deployed;”

“You’ve never seen war,”

But I’m fighting a constant battle

with the drunk man

who was outside of my barracks door

I thought I was safe with my brothers in arms

I thought they were the only ones

who would do me no harm

I jump when people are behind me

And it’s not because of guns

I can’t sleep at night or be alone

But heaven forbid I be with someone

I’m scared to love and be loved

I cry when I’m touched

I act tough everyday

But at night it’s all too much

My brothers, they said,

“One team; one fight”

Then why the hell

did you hold me down that night?

So, to my fellow vet,

My time was short lived

That much may be true

But before you knock me down

I’ve suffered just like you.