Poetry Written Works

The Way it Speaks, Salem Verrie

My body knows a different language.
Not that I can’t understand it, but my surroundings are completely lost.
When my body says “sit” and I deny it, it is not shy to pinch me as a punishment.
My body doesn’t understand it’s not my fault, but that is where our communication falls
I push far past what I am capable of, which leaves my body with no choice than to rebel.
Sometimes, I fear my surroundings will always sabotage our relationship.
If I can barely work, barely eat, barely walk, barely anything…
Is it irresponsible of me to assume another life into mine?
And if I tell those that have spoken closely with my body, will I end up driving away anything I could’ve had? 
I don’t know.
But for now, I will continue to compromise for my surroundings over my body.