Poetry Written Works

Shadowdancer by Loralei Penumbra

You could not have known how the moonlight lit your hair.
You could not have seen the hope in your defiant glare.

I wish you would have listened, to the voice you heard below –
telling you it shimmered, like raindrops in the snow.

I watched on as you suffered. You fought with all your might.
If only I had reached you, and stayed within your sight.

He wanted you to fail your test, he wanted us to suffer,
but as always you did your best – and proved that you were tougher.

I know you have not left us, your soul it lingers on.
I'll walk until I find you, at the end of every dawn.

I wish I would've listened to the love within your eyes,
The way your smile glistened, the fondness of your sighs.