Photo by Sheng L on Unsplash

The Final Embrace by Kevin Auer

Have you ever just wanted to walk to the edge of the earth, standing on the last little corner of dry land? Standing there watching waves dissipating into the vast void, turning in the wind as the water at your feet is calm as glass. Not a sound. Penetrating the world but that only of the movement of rope ever so softly being tugged at the anchor point. The rope guiding your eyes to the moon, light only from the reflection of the stars and the moon on a mirror known as water. As you embrace the rope in your hands, slightly pulling the knot to unravel, rising the moon higher above than ever before, no longer feeling as if you’re able to reach your hand out to the tips, skimming only the surface of the moon. Your arm sways as the only movement for there is no force in keeping the moon. The moon embraces your mind as a familiarity of woven warmth between your fingers. Weightless becomes your mind, as the spirit and body begin to ascend.

Kevin is a Marine Corps Veteran and current student at PPSC.