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Who am I? by Carolyn Bates

Who am I?
Biologically speaking, a 20 year old female.
True, yet that doesn’t feel right.
Who am I?
Some may say ‘hard worker,’ ‘student,’ ‘associate.’
Is that all I am?
Who am I?
Maybe it’s how others see me that defines me.
Do they even really know me?
Who am I?
I know myself better than anyone else.
If I hate myself does that reflect badly on me?
Is there any truth to this question?
Maybe, maybe not.
But does it matter?
I am so many complex thoughts.
I am so many complex emotions.
I am so many complex ideas.
I am a person, unique in every way and different from all else.
Maybe the unknown is a better answer.
The answer is not complete
Just as I am not complete.