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Parley Staff Picks: Assistant Editor, Jacob Adams

We’ve received a number of exceptional submissions, and Parley’s Assistant Editor, Jacob Adams has picked some of his favorites (in no particular order).

Sleuth by Hayley Stoddard

For anyone who’s written poetry as something to be shared, this poem captures the essence of what makes an impact on people and how the poets themselves end up finding the little things in life that are worth sharing.

People know there’s a feel to paper as Stoddard describes, but it’s not something we are conscious of at all times and it’s a Poet’s job to remind us of things we take for granted.

The Cycle of Winter (Poem Version) by Keri Kapfer

Another showcase of what poetry can do, giving a personality to winter and how they long to be like summer. Making a human out of a concept in less than 100 or so words, just beautiful.

Transformation by Jill Willcox

Often, it’s not until much later that we realize what events become a significant part of our lives and this story is someone capturing one of those events forever. 

Demonology by Aubery Eisel

When this piece was being considered for publication, the most common phrase used to describe it by the class was, “I want more.” It is a great short story that knows exactly how it wants readers to react to it and of course, left them wanting more.

Eyes by Alexa Hulmes

While I have never felt something quite as intense as this short story describes, it does not mean I haven’t felt something similar. A quiet room full of strangers is the perfect place for someone to devour themselves in their own thoughts.

Feature Photo by Aaron Burden on Unsplash