Fiction Written Works

“The Killing Type” Nereyda Flores

the scene is set with a girl working the front register at a gas station. she does nothing but smile while standing at the front counter. there is no life behind her eyes. it is eerily quiet, only the buzz of appliances is heard in the background. the audience hears the rev of an engine slowly begin to pull up, then stop. a man enters.

(looking around the store. she watches his every move with a smile on her face. he grabs an item or two. walks over to the cashier, sets them on the counter.)

GIRL:  how ya doing?

(he says nothing, maybe checks his pockets, checks his phone, so on. she scans the items.)

GIRL: everything going okay?

(he sniffles/coughs. says nothing.)

GIRL:  that’s good to hear!

(she bags the items. he avoids her gaze.)

GIRL:  alrighty, that’ll be $6.45.

(the man grabs his wallet. pays.)

GIRL:  would you like a receipt?

(as he grabs his items, she quickly grabs his wrist.)

GIRL:  would you like a receipt?

(he pulls away. shakes his head no and leaves.)

GIRL: have a good night! come back soon.

(she is alone. she slowly pulls her wrist back towards her side. she smiles. the hum of appliances is heard in the background as we hear the vehicle fade out and away.)

GIRL:  how ya doing?

(end scene.)